Avenida Brasil

Avenida Brasil follows the story of Rita, a sweet young girl that is dumped in a landfill by her evil, gold-digging stepmother, Carminha. After being subjected to child labor, starvation and abuse, Rita is finally adopted by an Argentinian family who rename her and give her a better life. Years later, Nina becomes a talented chef and after stalking her stepmother for years, she decides to return to Brazil to execute revenge on all those who harmed her by saving another man from falling prey to Carminha's plans. Nina must ultimately confront her past and decide how far she is willing to go to exact revenge on her wretched stepmother, realizing her choices could cost her the love of her life as well as her humanity.


Season 1.0

1. Tufão atropela Genésio (2012-03-26)
8. Nina chega ao Brasil (2012-04-03)
13. Jorginho conhece Nina (2012-04-09)
95. Suelen tenta seduzir Roni (2012-07-13)
108. Roni e Suelen se casam (2012-07-28)
117. Carminha bate com o carro (2012-08-08)
141. Tufão se declara para Nina (2012-09-05)
159. Carminha visita Nina (2012-09-26)
162. Olenka beija Adauto (2012-09-29)
172. Max é assassinado (2012-10-11)
179. Final (2012-10-19)