Atom Man vs. Superman

The second of Columbia's Superman serials, the 15-episode Atom Man vs. Superman stars Kirk Alyn once again in the dual role of Clark Kent and the "Man of Steel". This time, Kent/Superman is pitted against bald-pated Lex Luthor, who, disguised as Atom Man, threatens to devastate Metropolis with any number of devilish devices-the deadliest of which is a disintegration machine. Luthor stumbles onto Superman's Achilles' heel: Kryptonite. Once our hero has been exposed to this fatal ore, Metropolis becomes a wide-open town for criminals of all varieties. But Superman regains his full powers in time to stop Luthor from laying waste to Metropolis with his latest demon machine, a sonic vibrator. Also appearing in Atom Man vs. Superman are Noel Neill as Lois Lane, Tommy Bond (the onetime "Butch" of The Little Rascals) as Jimmy Olson, and Pierre Watkin as Perry White.


Season 1.0

1. Superman Flies Again (1950-07-20)
2. Atom Man Appears! (1950-07-27)
3. Ablaze in the Sky! (1950-08-03)
4. Superman Meets Atom Man! (1950-08-10)
5. Atom Man Tricks Superman (1950-08-17)
6. Atom Man's Challenge (1950-08-24)
8. Into the Empty Doom! (1950-09-07)
9. Superman Crashes Through (1950-09-14)
10. Atom Man's Heat Ray (1950-09-21)
11. Luthor's Strategy (1950-09-28)
12. Atom Man Strikes! (1950-10-05)
13. Atom Man's Flying Saucers (1950-10-12)
14. Rocket of Vengeance (1950-10-19)