Ancient Black Ops

This is a series about the first ancient assassins. Everyone used them. From Ancient Greece to the frozen North, rulers have always needed their elite troops – men trained to perfection, skilled with a devastating array of weaponry – men who will track down their leader's enemies and kill them. All assassination teams faced one big problem: getting close enough to kill. No one in the ancient world had sniper rifles. As a result even the most formidable Japanese Ninjas got captured and tortured.


Season 1.0

1. Assassins (2014-10-08)
2. The Spartans (2014-10-16)
3. The Sicarii (2014-10-22)
4. The Ghost Warriors (2014-10-29)
5. Viking Berserkers (2014-11-05)
6. The Varangian Guard (2014-11-12)
7. Aztec Eagle Warriors (2014-11-19)
8. Hawaiian Koa Warriors (2014-11-26)
9. Ninja (2014-12-03)
10. The 47 Ronin (2014-12-10)