An Independent Man

An Independent Man was a BBC comedy series produced in 1995. Freddie Patterson (George Cole) is the main protagonist as an owner of a group of hair salons in London. He is elected to local council where he takes on big name politicians who underestimate him as a small player on the political scene. Aided by his wife (Mel Martin), Freddie makes his voice heard in the world of London affairs as other politicians scheme to thwart him.


Season 1.0

1. The First Loser (1995-06-10)
2. Alice's Tale (1995-06-17)
3. Horse Power Politics (1995-06-24)
4. No Man is an Island (1995-07-01)
5. The Italian Connection (1995-07-08)
6. Market Forces (1995-07-15)
7. And So to Bed (1995-07-22)