Amazing Eats

We've seen more than our fair share of sizzling cheeseburgers, monster pizza slices and intimidatingly thick and juicy steaks over the years. But of all the down-home and delicious chow-down joints Adam Richman visited from coast to coast, there are the proud and the few so finger-licking good, they're simply unforgettable. In each themed 30-minute episode of "Amazing Eats", we're celebrating America's most delicious, biggest and best of the best. From the most massive of meals served at a single table, to the tallest standing sandwiches in history, we're embracing it all. Each episode takes on yet another subject of the people's choices of chow - the meatiest, the most fried, the spiciest and the sweetest.


Season 1.0

1. Pork-A-Palooza (2012-01-11)
2. Beefy Burgers (2012-01-11)
3. Cheesy Goodness (2012-01-18)
4. Juicy Bites (2012-01-25)
5. Fiery Flavors (2012-02-01)
6. Saucy (2012-02-08)
7. Fried Feasts (2012-02-15)
8. Savory Seafood (2012-02-22)
9. BBQ Bliss (2012-02-29)
10. Sizzling Steaks (2012-03-14)
11. Sensational Sausages (2012-03-21)
12. Spectacular Sandwiches (2012-03-28)
13. Classic Comfort Foods (2012-04-04)