Action was a politically incorrect show that was rude, sexist, homophobic... and hilarious. Peter Dragon is a movie producer. His latest film has tanked and he is struggling. He decides that his next movie has to be the greatest action film he has ever made. His company buys the wrong script and Dragon's rage begins. He sets out to get the right movie and create the best action film ever.


Season 1.0

1. Pilot (1999-09-16)
2. Re-Enter the Dragon (1999-09-16)
3. Blood Money (1999-09-23)
4. Blowhard (1999-09-30)
6. Twelfth Step to Hell (1999-10-28)
7. Strong Sexual Content (1999-12-02)
8. Lights, Camera, Action! (1999-12-02)
9. Dragon's Blood (2000-08-01)
10. Love Sucks (2000-08-08)
11. Dead Man Floating (2000-08-29)
12. One Easy Piece (2000-09-05)