Ajay and Stephanie are getting married. Ajay soon realizes that marriage is not just about sharing Stephanie's bed. Marital bliss is a whole new scary world, and it comes packaged with two sets of parents. He gets to inherit her fussy, picky parents. She gets to deal with her beloved husband's eccentricities and his beloved mother's nosy habits too. Getting married suddenly becomes a whole new ball game Stephanie and Ajay are not quite prepared for especially when it's a cross cultural marriage.


Season 2.0

Season 1.0

1. The Wedding (2004-12-01)
2. Home Sweet Home (2004-12-08)
3. Lock and Key (2004-12-15)
4. Mahjong and Masala (2004-12-22)
5. Steph's Secret (2004-12-29)
6. Runaway Boy (2005-01-05)
7. The PlayStation (2005-01-12)
8. The Perfect Couple (2005-01-19)
9. The Breakable Bowl (2005-01-26)
10. Getting to Know You (2005-02-02)
11. Dancing Queen (2005-02-09)
12. An Affair to Remember (2005-02-16)
13. Love Struck (2005-02-23)