Aaron's Way

Aaron's Way is a 1988 American family drama series that aired on NBC. The series stars Merlin Olsen as Aaron Miller, the husband and father of an Amish family that moves to California. The series follows the attempts of family members to adapt to Californian culture while retaining their personal values. Also appearing on the series were Samantha Mathis and Belinda Montgomery. Aaron Miller's eldest son, Noah, has left the Amish community for the world, but Aaron kept in touch using a post office box. Aaron then learns that Noah died in a surfing accident, and goes to California for the funeral. While there, he learns that Noah had been living with a woman, Susanna Lo Verde, who owns an orchard and is pregnant by Noah.


Season 1.0

1. The Harvest (1) (1988-03-09)
2. The Harvest (2) (1988-03-09)
3. New Growth (1988-03-16)
4. A Plain Path (1988-03-23)
5. A Healing Power (1988-03-30)
6. Patches of Light (1988-04-06)
7. High Note (1988-04-13)
10. Teachers (1988-05-04)
11. Strong Foundations (1988-05-11)
12. Invisible People (1988-05-15)
13. Solid Ground (1988-05-18)
14. New Patterns (1988-05-25)