A Plane is Born

A Plane is Born, presented by Mark Evans is a 15-part series for Discovery Home and Leisure and Discovery Wings, in which he not only learns to fly but also builds his own two-seater aeroplane. During the course of the series he tackles everything from the composite control surfaces to the installation of the engine. A plane is born takes the viewer for the first time through the step by step process of building a 200 mph kit aircraft, capable of flying from England to the South of France on a single tank of fuel.


Season 1.0

1. Research (2000-07-01)
2. Test Flight (2000-07-08)
3. Building Begins (2000-07-15)
4. Wings (2000-07-22)
5. You Have Control! (2000-07-29)
6. Tell-Tail! (2000-08-05)
7. Get in Trim (2000-08-12)
8. Like My Wheels? (2000-08-19)
9. No Longer Topless (2000-08-26)
10. All Revved Up (2000-09-02)
11. Props Away (2000-09-09)
12. Instru-Mental (2000-09-16)
13. The Final Plush (2000-09-23)
14. Any Colour You Like (2000-09-30)
15. Up, Up & Away! (2000-10-07)