A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun is a half-hour lifestyle, travel and property series that invites viewers to dream big and embark on a transformational journey. Each episode is a unique mix of exploration, adventure and information focused on an individual or couple's desire to change their lives by discovering the world of possibilities.

Hosted and executive produced by Danielle Robb, A Place in the Sun provides a uniquely American take on the popular UK program, which is the leading travel-property series in the world. The viewer is immersed in outdoor adventure, lifestyle and the local culture of each country, embracing life abroad.


Season 1.0

1. Coral Coast, Fiji (2011-10-01)
2. Argentina, Wine Country (2011-10-08)
3. Sicily, Italy (2011-10-15)
4. Ambergis Caye (2011-10-22)
5. Nelson, New Zealand (2011-10-29)
6. Rivera Maya (2011-11-05)
7. Dubrovnik, Croatia (2011-11-12)
8. Crete, Greece (2011-11-19)
9. Palencia, Belize (2011-11-26)
10. The Okanagan, BC, Canada (2011-12-02)
12. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011-12-16)